Mark Altom: Your Davis County Treasurer

Mark Altom Family: Davis County Treasurer

Mark Altom has served as the Davis County Treasurer since 1992. During that time he's taken practical steps to improve the functionality, efficiency, and success of the office of Treasurer.

He is married to his wife Debbie with whom he has five children. He has four sons, Eric, his wife Mandy; Brian, his wife, Shelly; Craig, his wife Jacquelinne; Todd, his wife Ashleigh; and his daughter Alycia. Together they have nine grandsons and four granddaughters.

Besides being the Davis County Treasurer and long term resident of Davis County, Mark is an active member of the local community. He also serves practically in the State of Utah and on the National scene where his associations and commendations have been earned to help take his leadership above and beyond his calling in Davis County.

Learn more about Mark and his accomplishments below.


  • Born and raised in Oakley, Idaho.
  • Graduated High School 1974, Oakley High School, Oakley, Idaho
  • Served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from March 1975-April 1977, Switzerland Geneva Mission
  • Graduated Brigham Young University 1981 Bachelor of Science, Finance


  • First Security Bank (various branches) 1981-1987
    • Provo, Utah 1981
    • Castle Dale, Utah 1981-1982
    • Altamont, Utah 1982-1985
    • Kaysville, Utah 1985-1987
  • Rocky Mountain Milk Producers, Kaysville, Utah; 1987
  • Barnes Banking Company, Kaysville, Utah; 1987-1992
  • Davis County Treasurer 1992-present


National Association of County Collectors, Treasurers and Finance Officers

  • President 2002-2003
  • Executive Committee 1997-2004
  • Education Chair 1995-1997
  • Education Committee, member, 1994-1995; 2004-2008
  • Victor E. Martinelli Outstanding Treasurer Committee Chair, 2010

National Association of Counties

  • Board Member 2003-2004
  • Finance and Intergovernmental Steering Committee, member 1994-present
  • Finance Committee, member 2003-2004
  • Capitol Finance subcommittee, Vice Chair, 2002-2003

Utah Association of Counties

  • President 2000-2001
  • Executive Committee 1998-2002
  • Board member 1997-2002
  • Legislative Committee 1995-2005
  • Centrally Assessed Litigation Committee 1997-2008

      Utah Association of County Treasurers

      • President 1997-2000
      • Legislative Committee 1993-2004
      • Treasurer of the Year 2003

      Government Accounting Standards Advisory Council

      • Member 1999-2001

      Davis County Fair Board/Advisory Committee

      • Member 1994-present

        State of Utah

        Private Activity Bond Review Board 1993-1998

        • Appointment by Governor Michael O. Leavitt

        Utah Money Management Council 2005-2008

        • Appointment by Governor Jon Huntsman, Jr.


        Kaysville Chamber of Commerce

        • President 1988
        • Board 1986-1989

        Kaysville Planning Advisory Committee

        • 1991

        Continuing Education

        National Association of County Collectors, Treasurers, and Finance officers (NACCTFO)

        University of Tennessee
        Certified Finance Officer, July 25, 1995

        • Certified Finance Professional, July 15, 1997
        • Certified Finance Executive, July 15, 1997
        • Certified Finance Master, July 17, 1998

        University of Missouri, St. Louis

        • Certified Finance Executive, July 15, 2005
        • Certified Finance Professional, July 14, 2007
        • Certified Finance Master, July 12, 2008


        Boy Scout of America District Award of Merit

        • 1996

        Outstanding e-Government Application Award

        • From Governor Michael O. Leavitt April 25, 2003

        Utah Association of Counties President Award 2004

        • From UAC President, LaMar Guymon

        National Association of County Collectors, Treasurers and Finance Officers

        • Victor E. Martinelli, Outstanding Treasurer, recipient 2009