Mark Altom has served as the Davis County Treasurer since 1992. During that time, he has taken major steps to improve the internal efficiency and efficacy of the Treasurer's Office. Here's a quick look at some of the things he's been able to do during his time as Davis County Treasurer.

Efficient property tax collection process

Bank lock box

On-line and telephone tax payment options to accept credit cards and electronic payments

Improved property tax computer collection and distribution system

Improved electronic reporting to taxing entities with significant improvement of report information.

Automatic (ACH) and Coupon property tax prepayment options

Reduction of paper reports by direct computer storage or document scanning.

Access to property tax information on Davis County's website. Title companies, mortgage companies, taxpayers and citizens are able to view a ten year history of property taxes. A search can be done by name, land serial number or address.

Maintained a small employee staff in the Treasurer's office. Davis County's population when Mark became County Treasurer in 1992 was of approximately 199,000. Davis County's current population is 346,000 (a 73% increase in population). Davis County had approximately 60,000 land parcels in Davis County, compared to approximately 105,000 currently (a 75% increase in parcels). In spite of this growth, the Davis County Treasurer's has less than one full-time equivalent employee more now than in 1992, a current total of 4.75 FTEs. This has been accomplished by technological efficiencies and taking advantage of private/public partnership contracts with private financial institutions and vendors.