Current Elected Officials

Brad Wilson, House Speaker & Representative, State of Utah
Jerry Stevenson, Senator, State of Utah
Todd Weiler, Senator, State of Utah
Stuart Barlow, Representative, State of Utah
Joy Petro, Layton City Mayor
Zach Bloxham, Layton City Council
Troy Rawlings, Davis County Attorney
Kelly Sparks, Davis County Sheriff
Richard Maughan, Davis County Recorder
Dale Peterson, Davis County Assessor
Max Elliott, Davis County Surveyor

Current Davis County Department Directors

Brian Hatch, Davis County Health Department Director
Mark Langston, Davis County Information Systems Director
Brad Stone, Head PGA Golf Professional, Valley View Golf Course
Dustin Volk, Head PGS Golf Professional, Davis Park Golf Course

Former Elected Officials

Lane Beattie, former President, Utah Senate, and former Pres & CEO Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce
Bud Cox, former Davis County Sheriff
Julie Fisher, former Representative, State of Utah
Curt Oda, former Representative, State of Utah

"I’ve known Mark Altom since prior to his becoming Davis County Treasurer. He has always demonstrated integrity and professionalism. The voters of Davis County would be best served by keeping a seasoned veteran as Treasurer to help guide Davis County safely into the future."
- Lane Beattie, former President, Utah State Senate, former President and CEO of Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce
"I’ve respected and admired Mark Altom for many years. Davis County is lucky to have someone of his caliber and experience serving as county treasurer. I fully support Mark for re-election, and feel the citizens of Davis County would be wise to give him another term."
- Todd Weiler, Utah State Senator
“I have worked with and supported Mark Altom and his functions as the Davis County Treasurer for many years. He has been very knowledgeable and dedicated as we have created applications to serve the public and the Treasurer’s office together. I have found his knowledge and experience in the property Tax process invaluable. I support and endorse Mark as the Davis County Treasurer.”
- Mark Langston, Davis County Information Systems Director
“We’ve known Mark Altom for years. His service to Davis County extends far beyond his work as treasurer. We are proud to support Mark.”
- Julie and Scott Fisher
"Over the last many years I have had the opportunity to serve a long side of Mark Altom as a public servant. Mark is an outstanding public employee who is keen in protecting the interests of the citizens of Davis County. He is highly respected throughout the state. I am happy to endorse Mark Altom to continue serving as our Davis County Treasurer."
- Max B. Elliott, Davis County Surveyor
"I’m supporting Mark Altom for Davis County Treasurer. I have had a working relationship with Mark for 25 years. Mark has done a wonderful job as our treasure. I know he has a few more years left in him. So I think another four years would be appropriate. He has a couple of projects he would like to see finished in the next couple years."
- Dustin Volk, PGA Professional, Department Head, Valley View Golf Course
"We are writing to express our endorsement and sponsorship for you as County Treasurer. Both Ann and I are confident that you are the most qualified individual for this position due to your service-to-date in this capacity, and all the other many contributions you make in our community. You are a wonderful person of the highest ethical code, and it's our hope that you will be reelected."
- Kyle and Ann Head, Layton
"Mark Altom and his staff at the Treasurer’s office have always been very professional when working with our title company. Mark’s knowledge, expertise and experience have been critical when dealing with very complex property tax issues."
- Mike Hendry, President, Mountain View Title & Escrow, Inc.
"In these times of uncertainty, now is the time to re-elect Mark Altom as Davis County Treasurer. He has the PROVEN track record, leadership, and dedicated experience."
- Troy Rawlings, Davis County Attorney
“I have appreciated the good working relationship between your office and the Sheriff’s Office. I also appreciate the quick, responsive, and professional assistance you have given to me and to our financial folks at the Sheriff’s office. Your assistance has allowed us to be more effective and efficient in handling public funds. I am happy to endorse your candidacy for Davis County Treasurer and I authorize the use of my name to be listed among your supporters.”
- Kelly Sparks, Davis County Sheriff
"It is my pleasure to endorse Mark Altom for continued service as our Davis County Treasurer. As I have worked with Mark for the past eight years, I have been extremely impressed with his concern for the taxpayers of Davis County and his desire to always do the right thing. He has been supportive of changes we have made in the assessor’s office and has always been willing to offer help and advice as we have faced challenges together. This group of elected county elected officials works well together to the benefit of Davis County and its citizens. Mark is an important part of that group and is particularly engaged in the county government. We would all benefit from having him serve for another four years as treasurer."
- Dale Peterson, Davis County Assessor
"Having known Mr. Altom for 35 years I have come to appreciate and admired his tireless dedication to work and family. His honesty, integrity and sense of fairness are above reproach. He is eminently qualified for and possesses extensive, in-depth knowledge of the position of County Treasurer."
- Colonel J. P. Thomas USMC Ret
I worked with Mark Altom for many years. I know Mark to be a man of high integrity and intelligence. He has and continues to work hard to watch over the monetary assets of the County. He has done a fabulous job during his years as Treasurer. I wholeheartedly endorse Mark Altom for another term.
- Barry M Burton, former Director of Davis County Community & Economic Development
"I fully support Mark Altom for the position of Davis County Treasurer. I have known Mark for 20 plus years and hold him in highest esteem."
- Roger Tuttle, Kaysville

Other Supporters

Tom & Paula Allen
Clay & Launa Arnell
Lisa Bates
Dr. Mark Baxter
Lane & Joy Beattie
Niels & Michele Bigler
Dr. Mark & Lois Bitner
Joyce & Stan Brown
Greg Campbell
Wendell & Nola Child
Mike & Kathleen Chronister
Candace & James Daley
John & Chris Decker
Todd & Sharla Esplin
Julie Fisher
E. Dean Flanders
Dennis Evans
Kevin Garn
Rochelle & Kent Godfrey
Mike & Suzanne Hall
Richard Hawkes
Kyle & Ann Head
David & Kelly Heath
Jack Helgesen
W. Richard Herd
Howard & Ellen Holt
Don Hutchings
Steve & Suzanne Jensen
Aaron & Meleiana Jolley
Kip & Heidi Jones
J. Spencer Kinard
David H. King
Joanne & Jerry Kirk
David & Martha Lauritzen
Rick Lifferth
Brooke & Stephanie Lowe
Russ & Jill Mackey
Richard J. Mayfield
Steve & Marsha McFarland
Rick & Zella McGurk
Mark & Cathy Mol
Tom & Sheila Moore
Garn & Diane Morrell
Chad & Betty Jo Mortensen
Jerry & Janie Nebeker
Todd & Patti Nielsen
Jed & Kathy Oviatt
Gary & Patty Pepper
Susan & Cory Perrin
Dr. Scott & Lori Peterson
Stan & Karen Pool
Marty Qualls
Steve & Jenell Rawlings
Ron & Marsha Richins
Doug & Carol Richins
John & Dana Rimington
Jean & Brett Shaw
Dr. Douglas Shepherd
Brent & Margaret Slater
Don & Leisha Staley
Dee & Barbara Stephenson
Jason Stratton
Robert & Lynda Stringham
Mark J. Taylor
Jan & Karen Thomas
Sheldon & Karla Thornock
Haley & Casey Trujillo
Roger & Elaine Tuttle
Dave & Janet Van de Graff
Joel & Julene Ward
Thomas Warriner
David Whitehead
John & Diane Wilcox
Tom Winegar
David & Ginny Wood
Lance & Pam Wood
Allen Wursten
Matthew & Dotty Young
Robert & Shawna Zesiger